USB Card Readers

USB Card Readers

Prevent data theft and restrict access to your devices

Our USB Card Reader portfolio allows you to control the access to your MFPs by having users identify themselves with an ID card before the device unlocks.

Product Description

Secure & Control your Output

Users can log in with nearly any proximity ID card, even your company’s regular one. Identification gives you the means to allocate print quotas and controlthe costsvery easily. It also drastically increases the security of your documents as the MFP only prints when someone is there to get the printouts.

Our USB Card Readers match most of our KYOCERA system – so all you need to do is choose the right one for your business!


Features & Specifications

KYOCERA’s USB card reader portfolio is designed for seamless integration of KYOCERA devices into existing security measures.

By swiping the ID media in front of the card reader, the user logs onto the device and can access the device’s functions and retrieve printouts. The USB card readers can be used for local authentication without any additional software, or combined with embedded and server solutions for more advanced functions.

One for all: Use one and the same ID card for all access control points in your office.
Only a few types of USB card reader: Supports all prevailing transponder technologies (i.e. Legic, Milfare, HID etc.).
Security: Documents can be accessed, printed and scanned by authorised persons only.
Flexibility: Large variety of internal and external card readers for a seemless integration with the devices.

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