KYOTime enables you to track time and attendance, manage shifts and leave, create and modify schedules, identify potential over and under staffing issues whilst providing organisation wide insights into how to allocate your resources.

Product Description

KYOtime is a cloud-based technology that records time and attendance data through the use of Biometric Fingerprints, or Facial Recognition. A Pin and RFID card can also be used. It provides valuable management reports and analytics, allowing you to better manage your employee’s time. It’s easy to set up and integrates or interfaces seamlessly with your existing platforms whilst being customizable to fit in with your business needs.

How it works:

The employee is created on the KYOtime cloud database either manually or through our data import facility.

The employee’s details are then instantly transmitted to the device which the employee is allowed to clock at no matter where in the world the device is located. Fingerprint and facial templates are then enrolled at the device or alternatively through the use of an enrollment reader.

Once enrolled at the device the fingerprint template is then sent back to the cloud database and distributed to any other devices where the employee may clock in.

Working hours including lunch and tea times as well as overtime eligibility and payment rules are then configured in accordance with your unique business rules.

Terminating employees on KYOtime and devices has never been easier. Upon termination in the cloud Database employees are automatically and instantly removed from the biometric or facial devices.

Our Automated suspension capability will ensure that employees who’s contacts, statutory license, and medicals have expired do not gain access to the work place. Our automated process will remove these employees from all devices keeping you safe from unwanted and costly liabilities.

Instant and bulk removals of employees from devices keeps you protected during labour unrest.

Through our advanced device management and communication function data transfer is instant giving you real time information. Data is transferred through your existing broadband infrastructure or alternatively through our GPRS technology meaning that you can record time worked in the most remote locations of the globe.

You can also add or remove employees from a device, view the communication status of devices and restart devices remotely.

Our geo location functionality enables you to see exactly where your employees clocked in and out, giving you peace of mind that mobile employees and employees working on site are at their place of work

Reports are fully customisable to suit your business needs. Now you can see who’s always sick, who’s late, track overtime, identify absentee patterns as well as see who works excessive overtime. With a click of a button you are able to identify your worst offenders.

With KYOtime it’s easy to import your rosters thereby automatically creating your shifts. Our autoshift detection and rotation capability ensures that your employees are automatically placed on the appropriate shift.

KYOtime can be setup to send automatic sms’ to managers when an employee is late for work or leaving work early or if he has not clocked in at all KYOtime automates your time collection process and exports the data to your payroll system for easy sms payslip delivery through our KYOslip software.

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