KYOslip is an innovative, easy to implement and cost effective payslip delivery service allowing employers to deliver documents such as payslips, tax certificates, pension statements and newsletters via sms, email, online or via a kiosk.  It’s latest feature allows you to print, scan & apply for leave from a Kyocera Hypas enabled Printer.

Product Description

KYOslip is a cloud based technology that sends documents to your workforce via SMS which can then be accessed on computer or kiosk. It also accommodates a whole host of employee self-service applications.

The KYOSlip solution is easily accessible from Kyocera’s simple touch-screen menu.

KYOslip can integrate or interface seamlessly with your existing platforms whilst being fully customizable to fit in with your unique business needs.


  • KYOslip provides a user-friendly touch screen interface with the following functionality:
  • Print your latest payslip or historic payslips easily and conveniently.
  • Scan documents such as medical certificates, training certificates, change in banking details etc. and these are then automatically saved in the online document archive for true traceability and accountability.
  • Allows Pay Queries to be quickly resolved and accurately tracked. Queries can be submitted and are then routed to the responsible person for resolution. Employees are notified of the outcome when they login to the KYOslip application.
  • Employees can update their cellular number and password. This can be expanded to update personal details etc.
  • In addition to submitting leave application, leave balances and leave history can be viewed and printed.
  • The employee can lodge queries via SMS through the 2 way messaging system, allowing for queries to be quickly resolved and accurately tracked.



  • Delivery of KYOslip is immediate as opposed to the paper based version, which can take up to 72 hours to be delivered.
  • KYOslips are only accessible to intended employees as opposed to paper based versions that could be misplaced and are easy to intercept and view.
  • KYOslips are significantly cheaper than traditional paper-based documents especially where expensive pre-printed stationary is used.
  • Payroll departments will benefit through the elimination of the continuous and time consuming process of printing and reprinting payslips.
  • Improved communication between employees and employers through prompt resolution of pay queries.
  • Line management’s time is freed up to do what they do best – make money and manage the business.


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