Colour Control

Colour Control

Colour Control is an application for colour multifunction systems, allowing companies to regulate access to colour features and to control the cost of colour documents.

Product Description

After installing the application, the multi-function system reports with an additional display. In the event that the customer wishes to use a color function, he is prompted for a cost center.

The administration of the cost centers can then be determined exactly if and how much the customer may use the color features. If customers want to use only b / w functions, the entry of a cost center is dispensed with, since the b / w functionality is enabled for everyone. In this way, access and cost of colour functions can be very simple and easy to control.

Benefit to customer:

Access and cost control of colour features
Simple management in the integrated account function
Colour systems are for authorized color function users only
Easy operation without inputting a PIN when using b/w printing

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