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Cloud Quote

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Cloud Quote originated from the frustration of a team of office automation executives disillusioned with the capabilities of prevailing Sales Software Solutions.

Most fulfilled the management reporting element, to a greater or lesser degree, but none provided tangible benefits for the sales person and, as a result thereof, sales management systems are usually implemented with great vigour, but invariably lose traction
and the related return on investment is questionable.

Product Description

Cloud Quote is a web-based/hosted or on-site software suite designed to enhance the end-to-end sales process within the office automation industry.The features and benefits of the system impact the key users uniquely, as itemised below:


  • Quick turnaround on request for proposal
  • Guaranteed accuracy of all quantitative elements
  • Itemised, accurate configuration and specification schedule

Sales Executives:

  • Real time input and processing from quote stage
  • No further input or additional administration required other than status updates
  • Virtually impossible to incur an error in either configuring or pricing of even the most complex platforms as the system is linked to the price book and product catalogue
  • Proven ease of use via intuitive interface
  • Quick access graphical tutorials allow for easy ongoing reference and guidance
  • Increased selling and income generating time
  • Real-time dashboard provides an immediate overview of commission status


  • Immediate access to all sales activity in the system:
  • Current and historical
  • Itemised by category of interest; i.e. Individual, team, area, product, client profile, etc.
  • Guaranteed accuracy of content and financial elements:
  • Product, pricing and rate changes are immediately superseded and relayed to all users
  • Detailed tracking of lead source and allocation determines best ROI per marketing campaign
  • Standardised quote templates ensure consistent desired professional and brand image
  • Proven ease of use ensures that newbies will be up and running in minutes
  • Encrypted communication ensures data integrity and security
  • Administration and Sales Support:
  • Quick and simple uploading with concurrent distribution of product, pricing or rate changes
  • Less time wasted in checking and correcting order documentation as the product
    hierarchies effectively eliminate user error by
  • Only allowing compatible mainframes and accessories to be selected
  • Automatically pricing each
  • Accurate stock ordering as per system generated sign off sheets
  • More time to focus on customer service and related income generation

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