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    PinPoint Scan

    Personal scanning with PinPoint Scan Our HyPAS application Pinpoint Scan makes scanning at your MFP more comfortable than ever. Once you have logged in at the device, the MFP connects to your PC and displays the scan destinations you previously defined: a folder, your email address or an application supporting PDF files. You can also browse the folders of your PC directly from the control panel of the MFP. The scanned data undergoes SSL encryption before being sent from the MFP to ensure its security during the whole scanning process.
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    Our native Printer Description Language (PDL), PRESCRIBE, is software and platform independent and is ideal for solving unique and complex printing applications. Its flexibility enables you to tailor the output Device to your application.
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    Print & Follow...

    Print&Follow SE stores all print jobs on a central MFP server that all devices can access. You can log in at any free device in your office to print your documents, thereby avoiding print queues and increasing the security of your data.
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    Professional Colour Management

    The EFI Fiery controller works with intelligent smart-rip technology to ensure maximum printer performance for even the most complex colour management resulting in brilliant colour images. Combined with the TASKalfa, EFI Fiery controller is your guarantee for optimised productivity, high safety standards and professional colour management.
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    It is a challenge for many organizations to provide frequently needed documents and forms in an efficient manner: they have to be always up-to-date, and quickly accessible by all relevant staff. Many organizations pre-print their forms and documents; however, the costs and environmental impact of throwing away unused or out-dated copies can be immense.
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    SAP Device Types

    KYOCERA´s new custom Device Types for SAP enables support for more printer options and features than the standard SAP device Types. To use these options you have to import the new device type into SAP. For each printer option or combination of printer options to be used create a copy of the device type, configure it and connect it to an output device. Which options are possible depend on the printer and the installed hardware (e.g. document finisher).
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    SCAN TO MULTIPLE DESTINATIONS WITH ONE TOUCH Imagine the potential consequences if you cannot find an important document like a contract or an invoice. In many organisations, the processing and archiving of business critical documents is still a time consuming and error prone manual process. To remedy this, intelligent capture solutions reduce risks and increase operational efficiency at the same time.
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    Did you ever try to send a fax from an MFP in a fax server environment? You may have to input a prefix and suffix as required by the fax server specifications apart from the regular fax number. This is complicated and takes long.
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